Climate Thoughts

Climate Thoughts, excerpts


- Establish funds and rainforests' tax which would be supplied to the people of the countries where the forests are based, under a condition that the exploitation and deforestation stops. This should be an effort of every single country, under an umbrella of the United Nations. And it should be an effort many times more generous than the Marschal Plan. Our survival depends on it. Time is Now! The Amazon Rainfotest can no longer be exploited!
Furthermore apply modern technologies in cars, households and industries such as solar energy, etc.
Create Oscars and the Nobel awards for those who invent great things to diminish the global warming...(By Thaddeus Hutyra, )

- It’s kind of easy to do. You’ve had too much over the weekend anyway and you’re all running down to the gym to try and work it off so just have a meat-free Monday. (By Paul McCartney)

- Detestation of detestation could not satisfy. This is not a time to envy each other. Breeding and growing of Mollusks in hatcheries and releasing them back into their environment to utilize the dissolved CO2 derived from the atmosphere and to produce CaCO3 which is ultimately deposited in the deep sea bed. Removal of CO2 from atmosphere could be done using environmental friendly natural process of CO2 trapping. This process could be operated using conventional technology and higher personnel contribution. Let us protect the environment for our future generations. (By Neville S. Wickramansinghe)

- Today we are faced with several major global challenges which no single country can solve alone. Climate change and the economic crisis do not recognise national borders, so the only way the world can tackle them is by working together.

My message to the attendees of the COP15 in Copenhagen is that I wish all of you a successful and fruitful conference. A huge responsibility has been laid on your shoulders - responsibility for the future of our planet and of our civilisation. You have a unique window of opportunity for reaching a global agreement with binding targets for cutting C02 and fighting global climate change. Seize this opportunity for the benefit of the future generations. By Hans-Gert Pöttering.

- One of the major solutions for global warming is restoring forests. Then the carbon sinks will increase and the extra CO2 will be absorbed by plants. This is one of the possible and practical ways of solving climate catostrophe.

People must understand that humans are responsible for the current situation on earth and humans have the key to change it. Humans can make this planet green & blue or black & brown. We can still cange this, but tomorrow may be too late. Let's enter to the Green realm. By Sivantha Withanage.

- I don't think anybody now needs to be told how urgent is the need for action and how devastating the effects of climate change will be in next few years, considering the increasing Methane concentration due to melting of permafrost in the polar zones, which has the capability to heat the planet 20 times faster the Carbon Dioxide. So for meting Ice cap at poles, it is not only the Rising Sea levels, it is also the Reserves of methane in permafrost which is concern. So we need a Transfromation Effort instead of just an Incremental Change, so stop before we reach the tipping point, beyond which all our efforts will fail. We need here to fact based allocate resources to the Heavy Green House Gas footprint Segments across the Globe, instead of Focusing on countries, this will be at Global Scale. Eg : Industry Segments with Largest Footprint per Standard Unit Produced. and GreenHouse emmisions of vehicle Segments per KM Drive.

I would love to Recommend Reading :
1. Ecological Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
2. Leading Change by Kotter
3. Blue Ocean Strategy : as Changing the attributes as part of four quadrants. Remove, Reduce, Improve and Introduce.

and we need to see short term wins, across the globe to portray we are on track. Rest I leave to the Collective Wisdom of World Leaders to Save the planet before it's too late. so that we do not become like our sister planet Venus. By Mrityunjoy Panday.

- International climate negotiations have focused on country-by-country commitments, but these are extremely difficult to negotiate. How do 192 countries agree to 192 binding caps and make it fair? The result is the bickering and discord we see today.

There is a better way – a global cap and auction. Negotiate one binding cap worldwide (not country-by-country) that brings carbon below 350ppm. Then require every producer of oil, coal, and natural gas purchase permits from the global auction. The auction sets a fair worldwide price on carbon. As the cap comes down and the price of carbon goes up, everyone worldwide is incentivized to move to conservation and clean energy.

Global cap & auction also solves the fairness challenge. The auction will generate $100s of billions of revenue. This money can be used to fund clean energy projects and to compensate individuals facing higher energy costs. Each country will manage revenue generated from carbon usage domestically, but for fairness poor countries should receive substantially extra revenue from the richest countries to help fund their transition to clean energy.

The answer is really quite simple. Negotiate one worldwide cap, use an auction to set a fair worldwide price, and then figure out the fair way to distribute and use the revenue across countries. By John Canfield.

- Bailing out banks and selected industries while neglecting environment and climate is heading down the wrong road. I warn the public to be ”sold the false story” of governments having to rescue financial institutions before other issues can be addressed.

We waited perhaps a decade to get USD five billion to accelerate development of renewable energy. We now see USD 20 billion paid (to) a car company simply to keep it alive.

Neglecting environment and climate would be the greatest political tragedy of the last five decades. By Achim Steiner.

- We think, the deserts should be used for gaining solar power and the power of the sun should be used to desalinate seawater to use it for watering plants in countires which have only little water.

Public transport needs to be cheaper! More people should share a car to go to work.
Renewable energy should be cheaper and : people need to eat less meet!

We are sttudents form class 1094 of the August-Bebel-School in Offenbach, Germany. By Sonia Woelte.

- New research showing that rising sea levels are likely to be far worse than official UN projections should get politicians to act.

They should certainly respond to a worst-case scenario - even if there is only a small risk that it becomes reality - because it will have terrible consequences. It is quite common risk management.

Even a two-degree rise could cause sea level rise up to 1.4 meters.
By Rayendra K. Pachauri.

- Create positive thoughts to create a healthier world. By Bettina Hartmann.

- We need to invest in the technology to do this, there are thousands of patents out there held up in patent offices around the world with amazing potential for the environment , we need to first open up the patent office and bring these ideas into the public domain, Putting them into practice part through industry funding and part governmental oversight, for all that industry takes it must now be forced to positively give back its huge profits into schemes engineering sustainable infrastructure for the people, from magnetic trains to hydrogen cars and the technology needed to tackle the problems of our times. ..The point is the current system is not working and we need to use global capitalism to build a sustainable infrastructure , things cannot change overnight and they wont , we might not live to see the fruits of this change but our childrens children may well.

We need to force business and industry to give substantial portions of their profits back into the infrastructure of communities , cities and countries so we can live cleanly and sustainably.

This can only be achieved through the work of our diplomats and politicians at the G 09 summit, promoting green industry that actually builds green infrastructures from its profits for the people and ultimately our future is what we need! capitalism can deliver but this is what it must deliver. By Jamie Harris.

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