Diversity as the solution

The devine diversity! ...by Thaddeus Hutyra

The Islamic regime of Iran uses religion for its sickening ideology and even a system which I call Islamism and which is far worse than fascism and communism were. Besides, their ideology is simple yet another Mein Kampf, a criminal use of Islam as a religion to their own means of enslaving the whole nation and preparing believers to the so-called war against non-believers and wrong-believers. It is a warning towards the West, of taking a closer look at Iran under the Mullahs which as it looks not only execute innocent people but keep in terror the whole segments of society, using religion as interpreted by them as a justifying source.
I am afraid this ghastly regime is becoming stronger and stronger, just as the Nazi Germany in the thirties. Omen follows omen in Iran. Who knows, perhaps the world will have to go to the war against a new ruthless and outgrown Iranian regime in ten or twenty, or even thirty years and in the meantime we will hear all these stories of brutal conduct of the Islamic regime of today's Iran. This is the worst scenario and I keep my fingers crossed it won't be that bad. I have heard so far conflicting news about this regime and the present situation in Iran. In some news there are reports of the regime and its economy going stronger and of the mainstream Iranian population acceptance of the reality and in some other accounts of the catastrophic economical situation in present Iran. The Economist reported the first stance. Many Iranian refugees support the other stance. The fact is, however, there are unprecedented crimes being done by the regime against innocent men and women in that country.
The present leaders of Iran play a fire with their religion and thus play a fire also with the citizen. Their ideology is based on wrong assumptions if to look at it from philosophical point of view, because the world is governed by diversity and not by any simplified or singular notion, and there is thus no place for one just thought, or philosophy, or one ideology, or even just for one religion in such a world of diversity. The devine diversity! This is why they are doomed to fail. No system which contradicts diversity has a chance of survival. The present system in Iran is a system of devil, if there is anybody reappeared there it is the devil. Only this way can be explained the massal terroristic deeds of the regime's forces against citizen of Iran, the massive executions of innocent people, the massive inprisonments, tortures, the enmity of the regime against the society and all the other wrong things. People of Iran need to consolidate themselves and unite against this pure evil. I propose 1 000 000 Solidarity banners for next demonstrations in Iran, this evil regime can't kill all 1 000 000 demonstrators, or can it, giving it's evil nature? Long live Solidarity! Liberty to ALL people in Iran now!
Iran is not the only country which had made grave mistakes when it comes to religion. All of the Moslem countries did the same mistekes. This is why they are now paying high price for their backwardness. They had contradicted the fundemental rules governing modern societies, the strict separation of state, religion and judiciary, furthermore disregarding the human rights, contempt for the diversity of ideas, lifestyles and whatever individualistic approaches. Instead they have built their entire existence on religious doctrines and a slavery of thought and actions to the Koran. Their reality had become ever since the existence of Islam a sort of antagonistical antireality in which the entire Islamic states and societies were fallen like in a cosmic black hole. There was no exit and one wonders whether there ever will be an exit from that misery, unless people will push Islam determindedly away from the politics. Will it ever happen? If it happens there is a chance. If it does not happen there is no chance. Only a monstrous misery for centuries to come onward.
European countries had also had big problems with their religion in the historical past. There were the so called Holly Inquisitions, women burned in fire, wars being run by the clerics on the orders of Vatican, many attrocities. When finally the modern political solutions based on separation of state, religion and judiciary had evolved and then were implemented the European countries and the USA had had a rapid civilisational development bringing them to the wonders of today.
But in Europe there were still a few countries antagonised by the Church, as for example Ireland and Poland. In the case of Poland it was beneficial as long as the communist system there was unnaturally kept due to a brutal thaw from the Soviet Union on Poland and other Soviet satelites. Giving much of power to the Catholic Church was the most profound mistake in the Irish politics. I don't know how the three fundamental structures: state, religion and judiciary are resolved in Ireland but I do know these structures are completely independent of each in the continental Europe what is to the benefit of the European countries. Church should stay away from the state and any politics. Church's domain is religion and nothing else. In the UK the situation is pitiful, I am afraid. All these stories of the Sharia law tried to be implemented in a country which saw the industrial and postindustrial developments! There should be thus a strict separation of state, religion and judiciary. Since I have heard that it is not a case in Canada I am not so sure how is it with this in the United Kingdom. In the USA and France it is the base of their state structures. Here is what I have written to one Iranian in Tehran: "Perhaps there is yet another possibility (I wrote about ways of containing political Islam). I explain it using a country as France for example as comparison. People there are Christian and nobody can take their religion out of their "minds and hearts", using your words. But what the French people did was this: separation of state, religion and judiciary. It means religion is for religious things, state is free of religion and judiciary is independent of both. The same needs Iran. You don't take religion out of "people's minds and hearts" but you do the same what the French people did, thus yet again: separation of state, religion and judiciary. It means religion is for religious things, state is free of religion and judiciary is independent of both..." Strangely, the answer of that Iranian was: "We had 2 eras which religon ruled our country.
Sasanids, before Islam invasion. And Safavids. Now we are inheriting Safavids.
U know, in France and other contries, in period of industrial revolution, they wanted to seperate religon from state. But here in Iran, our people are after merging these two and that's the huge difference between these two countries. And that's why as I said, we need a slow cultural evolution rather then sudden political revolution." Does it mean Iranians are ready to suffer for centuries onward by accepting their brutal fate? Yes, I am also definitely against any bloodshed, even a bloodshed of one innocent man or woman. This is why I leave this matter for others to decide about. What I want is freedom. What I want is liberty. And I think the worst people can do is to remain undecided, suffer and do nothing. Why not to call all-nation protest and come to the streets with one milion Solidarity banners as the Polish people did in the eighties? Can't Iranians do the same? Can't other opressed Arabic people do the same? Solidarity is the answer. United and together we are stronger! They can't shoot to a million of protesters because if they do there will be millions upon millions of protesters more. So once again I am saying: Long live Solidarity! Liberty to ALL people in Iran now!
And I am saying the same to all the other opressed people in the Middle East, from Egypt to Syria, from Libya to Algeria: Long live Solidarity! Liberty to ALL people now!
I am deeply convinced that it is a diversity which should have a priority in all systems which want to be legitimate. In the meantime all the wrong systems are propagating simplicity as a solution and this is wrong. A system, any system should be a mirror of the reality whether in one country or in the whole world. In this light we should remember that every person is individual and a universe of it's own. Conclusion is that diversity is the way, the devine diversity!
Freedom and liberty, solidarity and democracy - this is what you all need! So do it, begin turning the wheels of history, become people, become free men and women and not just objects of manipulations by the religious thugs in power!
Fight back for the devine diversity and don't listen one word which contradicts diversity!
Liberty to ALL of you, now!

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