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Climate talks: 'Save us' from global warming, US urged

Science chief warns on acid oceans

IPCC accused of 'marginalising' poor
Climate researchers meeting in Berlin have been accused of not paying enough attention to the interests of developing countries.

Balkans floods ...

Germany's green dreams meet harsh reality

Climate talks stall with nations 'wasting time'...

Global warming will increase intensity of El Nino, scientists say

Animal migration in action

LCV works to turn environmental values into national, state and local priorities

Colourful cuckoo videos

Cuckoo tracking and the BBC Wildlife Fund

Satellites trace sea level change

20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry Symposium

Jason (CNES)

Ocean Surface Topography Mission (Noaa)

Worldwatch Institute

Conservation International

'Crunch year' for world's forests


Brisbane flood levels reach peak

Obama keeps Bush polar bear rules

Wonders of Old Tbilisi: West meets East...



The Water Hub - Earthwatch



Bird sings song with heavy wings


Courtship displays

Wire-tailed manakin

We humans are about as subtle as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Acid rain and global warming show that we hold immense power over life on Earth, yet we wield it indiscriminately.
The damage we do is increasing. In the next 20 years, the population will increase by 1.5 billion. These people will need food, water and electricity, but already our soils are vanishing, fisheries are being killed off, wells are drying up, and the burning of fossil fuels is endangering the lives of millions. We are heading for cataclysm.

/New Scientist/


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

European Environment Agency

Environment Australia

Environment Canada

'Best estimate' for impact of melting ice on sea level rise


British Antarctic Survey

Climate fixes 'pose drought risk'...

John Kerry steps into Arctic diplomacy

Climatic Research Unit

Skateboard champions/ skateboard kampioenen

COP21 climate change summit reaches deal in Paris


Air pollution linked to seven million deaths globally

Rio+20 meeting


EU green light for UK carbon capture and storage project. A UK project to capture CO2 and bury it under the North Sea looks set to receive a 300m-euro boost from the EU ...

White House sets out looming climate risks for U.S., calls for 'urgent action'

Thousands flee Central Europe floods

European Environment Agency



BirdLife Europe

New York Mayor Bloomberg imposes post-Sandy fuel ration

IUCN Red List of threatened species

Rio summit ends with warning on corporate power

United Nations Environment Programme

Rio+ Declaration

US Department of Agriculture

Satellites reveal sudden ice melt
Greenland's massive ice sheet has melted over an unusually large area this summer, Nasa says, describing it as an "extraordinary" phenomenon.

Arctic ice thickness 'plummets'...

Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast'

Methane seeps from Arctic sea bed

Global alliance aims to tackle forest crime

Interpol's Environmental Crime Programme

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - Home page

Project LEAF
Project LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests) is a consortium climate initiative on combating illegal logging and organized forest crime.

Ancient climate records 'back predictions'

The amount of carbon lost from tropical forests is being significantly underestimated

Tigers in Nepal seem to be taking night shifts to better co-exist with their human neighbours, scientists have shown...


Global flood toll to triple by 2030

World 'still losing biodiversity'...

Poland reverses to spare wetland

Eliasch Review/FAO - Forestry

Biofuels: Green energy or grim reaper?...

en duurzaamheid zijn helemaal 'in'.  Jammer genoeg klinkt het vaak allemaal nogal saai, ingewikkeld en duur.  Niet in het EcoHuis Antwerpen!  Daar leer je milieubewust leven op een heel andere manier kennen

Changes 'amplify Arctic warming'..

Zonder is gezonder
...het ook zonder pesticiden kan. Als we samen de handen in elkaar slaan, kunnen we het gebruik van bestrijdingsmiddelen aanzienlijk doen dalen. Want zonder is gezonder, zowel voor het leefmilieu als voor onszelf.

Shell Arctic oil drilling to commence within weeks
Leave Arctic in peace !!

Giftige stoffen in regenwater!!


Stern hope over US climate deal...

Paris climate deal: US and China formally join pact

COP 21: 2015 likely to be warmest on record, says UN weather body

Dissent among scientists over key climate impact report

Rio+20 deal weakens on energy and water pledges

United Nations Environment Programme

IUCN-SSC Primate Specialist Group

Conservation International

Crimea safari park lions 'at risk of starvation'

US climate impacts 'far reaching'

National Climate Assessment, USA

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Iceberg breaks off from Greenland's Petermann Glacier

Climate change 'fans Nepal fires'...

Nasa set to launch 'CO2 hunter'

Climate outcome 'hangs on coal'

Coral Sea reserve proposal

Snorkel rice could feed millions

Death toll mounts from flooding in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Climate and Clean Air Coalition Event: "...The United States is also moving forward. The Obama Administration has adopted fuel efficiency standards that will be among the most aggressive in the world, effectively doubling the miles we will get per gallon of gas. We've made historic investments, more than $90 billion, in clean energy and are committed to being a world leader in this vital sector. And since just 2008, we've nearly doubled how much electricity we generate from renewable sources. And we're making a big push to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings and home appliances. We're focused on pursuing President Obama's call for a clean energy standard to cut carbon dioxide emissions while building domestic and export markets for clean energy technology...."

Antarctic ice losses double

EU acts to save 'hungry vultures'

the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Milieu - Antwerpen
Milieu Rapport

Giftige stoffen
Gif is overal. De lucht, het water en 
de bodem zijn bijna overal ter wereld verontreinigd met stoffen die vrijkomen
 bij de industriŽle productie. Stoffen die grote gevolgen kunnen hebben 
voor mens en milieu...

Verborgen giftige stoffen


Eis een lichaam zonder gif!


Welcome to HERA
A voluntary industry programme to 
carry out Human and Environmental 
Risk Assessments on ingredients of household cleaning product

Protect the Environment!



Climate change glossary

Global warming pause 'central' to IPCC climate report

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Weather and climate change - Met Office

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research


Climate Change:
Action to tackle Global Warming

WWF Nepal


Interpol Wildlife Crime

Epic wolf hunt caught on camera

'Slaughter' fear over poaching rise


2016 'very likely' to be world's warmest year

Instant Expert: Climate Change
Climate change in Guardian,UK


Disaster Preparedness


Fire at Penly nuclear reactor in northern France


Report suggests 'permanent slowdown' in CO2 emissions

Joint Research Centre - JRC - European Commission

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Climate change
Contacts, information and 
advice to help you take action

Kyoto Protocol Comes Into Force,
 Russia Ready to Sell Emission Quotas
Fox touts Kyoto accord
United States and Australia 
Dodge Kyoto Bullet

Autobahn speed limits: Germany's love of the fast lane

Germany delays EU limit on CO2 emissions from cars



WWW http://www.funworld.be/

Climate change
European Environment Agency

Global Climate Change

Help Victims of Tsunami in Asia

Emissions trading is Kyoto's success story

Extinct soon?
One of around 3,000 tigers left in the world, down from 100,000 in 1900. Conservationists fear that tigers may go extinct within two decades. Conservationists say that the largest of the big cats may go extinct in the wild within two decades. Read the following to see how twisted and sickening people can be: "As wild tigers (Panthera tigris) become scarcer, the price on their heads goes up: tiger bones are sold for hundreds of dollars in Taiwan, Korea and China, according to WWF figures. A bowl of tiger penis soup (to boost virility) goes for $320, a pair of eyes (to fight epilepsy) for $170, and powdered tiger humerus (for treating ulcers and typhoid) for $3,200 per kilo in Seoul, according to the conservation charity."


Nature Geoscience





WWW http://www.funworld.be/

President Bush, sign Kyoto before it is 
not too late: there are thousands upon thousands of new Katrinas in the making ...

Venice continues slow sink, satellite readings show


Arizona wildfire near Yarnell kills 19 firefighters




World powers accept warming limit/G8 set new global warming targets/Ban criticises G8 climate efforts/US hopes to lead climate debate/The Climate Group/G8 leaders to set emissions goals/Full text: Energy and climate declaration

Archive: Z rozmyslan Tadeusza Hutyry, po polsku i angielsku...

At-a-glance: The Stern Review
Antarctic glaciers show retreat
Patagonian ice in rapid retreat
Stern Report

Climate Crisis
An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore






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