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Russia rehearsed 'massive' nuclear strike...

Biden seeks 'vital' war aid for Israel and Ukraine

Nato condemns 'dangerous' Russian nuclear rhetoric...

President Zelensky condemns beheading video

Fake Trump arrest photos: How to spot an AI-generated image

Zelensky rules out territory deal with Putin in BBC interview...

Biden hails 'rock solid' Nato as Putin blames West for Russia's war...

President Biden in Warsaw, Poland

Donald Trump philosophy...

Biden visits Zelensky in Kyiv and says Putin 'dead wrong' on Ukraine war...

How the president's surprise visit was kept a secret, no phones were used and ten hours on train...

In pictures: Zelensky's momentous day in Washington..

Zelensky urged US to help it defeat Russia...

US neither encouraged nor enabled Kyiv to strike inside Russia - Blinken.

US scientists announce fusion energy breakthrough...

Senate goes to Democrats and House of Representatives to Republicans after the midterm election... Narrow wins on both sides... Rough time ahead...

Why a Republican 'wave' never happened...

Russian spies more effective than army, say experts

Entire Russian spy network dismantled in Poland

Germany arrests 25 accused of plotting coup

Trump's conservative base deserting him for DeSantis

Former KGB Officer Says Donald Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987

Trump's call for 'termination' of constitution condemned

Finland's Sanna Marin says Europe would be in trouble without US

Thousands of unedited government JFK assassination files released

Why is Elon Musk spending his time on Twitter, not on the mission to Mars?

Ukraine should become #NATO member, now that Putin wants to nuke the country. Once in NATO Ukraine is safe, Russia stays away, peace is returned to the world. And then simply the #sanctions against Russia will do the rest.. Time for the West to act now.

Biden says nuclear risk highest since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Russia's 'outrageous acts' violate UN charter, says Biden

Zelensky calls for 'just punishment' for Russia...

US approves $2.6bn in aid for Ukraine and allies

Ukraine has retaken 1,000 square kilometres in a week - Zelensky

Zelensky hails 'good news' as settlements recaptured from Russia

UN says blackout threatens Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

EU awards Ukraine and Moldova candidate status...

Putin will never succeed in dominating Ukraine - Biden

Liz Truss: Russian forces must be pushed out of "the whole of Ukraine"

Ukraine shall join EU, says President von der Leyen with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy at the occasion of the President's visit to Kyiv...

Biden accuses Russia of 'genocide' in Ukraine..

Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th US president...

'My world was destroyed by a Russian missile'...

Joe Biden vs climate change

President Joe Biden: 'Democracy has prevailed'

Joe Biden is the new US president and vows to 'unify' country in victory speech...

Joe Biden says he will focus on tacling the coronavirus pandemic and on the economy, tackling racism and climate change...

US election 2020

Alexei Navalny: Poisoned Putin critic 'will return to Russia'...

Ukraine-Russia sea clash: Merkel blames Vladimir Putin, after anexing Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine now Russia anexxes the Sea of Azov...

British army chief: Russia 'far bigger threat than IS'

Apocalypse is 30 seconds closer, say Doomsday Clock scientists

Russia-Trump: Who's who in the drama to end all dramas?

Russia-Trump inquiry: Russian foreign minister dismisses FBI charges

Trump-Russia probe 'bigger than Watergate' says Clapper

FBI chief James Comey fired by Trump

Comey replacement sought for FBI

Trump defence chief Mattis hails Nato as 'bedrock' of co-operation

Theresa May visit: UK and US 'committed' to Nato

Theresa May: UK and US cannot return to 'failed' interventions

US President Donald Trump's first speech in full

Trump inauguration speech: 'Angry', 'authentic', 'primal'

Presidential inaugural ball: Trumps enjoy first dance

Trump beats Clinton to take White House

Important for the US president and world leaders

US Election 2016

Russia deploys nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad, bordering Poland/EU

Russia's missile deployment in Kaliningrad ups the stakes for Nato

Nato sends a message to Russia

Pope Francis warns world 'is at war' after Europe attacks

Nice attack: Witnesses describe Bastille Day terror

Nice: The 'heartbreaking' picture of the attack

Nice attack: Gingrich wants 'Sharia test' for US Muslims

FBI employee admits being 'agent of China' in US court

US election 2016: Trump unfit to be president - Obama

French priest funeral: Jacques Hamel mourned in Rouen

Syria conflict: Turkey shells Kurds, the allies of the USA against ISIS Caliphate

Why Turkey's Erdogan denounces US support for Syrian Kurds

Paris attacks: 'Ringleader' Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed in raid

Paris attacks: 'Three teams' involved

Paris Attacks Updates

Paris attacks: Two die in hunt for 'mastermind' Abaaoud

Iraqi-Kurdish leader says Paris attacks a 'wake-up call'

Russia parliament approves military move in Syria

Syria's opposition or ISIS striked by Russian planes ? ...

Brussels Forum 2015: The Future of Conflict

Israel's Netanyahu warns US against 'paving way to Iran bomb' ...

Barbarism by ISIS: Jordanian pilot hostage Moaz al-Kasasbeh 'burned alive' in a cage ...

Yet another act of brutality by ISS Caliphate's barbarians ....

New Nato chief Stoltenberg urges Russian rethink on Ukraine

Islamic State crisis: '3,000 European jihadists join fight'

Putin 'privately threatened to invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states'

5 Things to Know: The President Lays Out the U.S. Plan to Degrade and Destroy ISIL

Ukraine accuses Russia of invasion

'Russian troops deployed' in Ukraine - Poroshenko

Ukraine 'to seek Nato membership'

Nato names Stoltenberg next chief

Events in Ukraine, a retrospective

Nato to decide new steps on Ukraine
Nato foreign ministers are due to meet for talks on the Ukraine crisis, as Nato jets take part in beefed-up drills over the Baltic states

Obama names Hagel and Brennan to lead Pentagon and CIA

Israel: DISPUTED TERRITORIES- Forgotten Facts About the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Syria war: Lavrov seeks talks with 'full spectrum' of opposition

'Assad must go' to ensure IS defeat - Obama

'Nearly 50,000' pro-Islamic State Twitter accounts

Wikileaks Revelations

Stratfor - Geopolitical intelligence, economic, political, and military strategic forecasting

Vital eye for killer asteroids could shut imminentlyA LACK of cash could end the only survey dedicated to searching the southern skies for Earth-grazing comets and asteroids. That would create a blind spot in our global view of objects that could cause significant devastation should they hit Earth...

FBI - The Vault

Edward Snowden: I was a high-tech spy for the CIA and NSA

US gives $5bn to global terror fight

Who funds ISIS ...

The US spends more than $9m (£5.7m) a day on the war against Islamic State, and has poured $2.7bn (£1.7bn) into the bombing campaign since the start.

World 'safer' without Bin Laden, says Obama.

Bin Laden: Pakistan intelligence agency admits failures

India says Pakistan 'a terror sanctuary'

Osama bin Laden killed by US forces. US officials say al-Qaeda leader buried at sea after night-time raid on compound north of Pakistani capital.

Pakistan: US suspends $800m of military aid

Obama names Petraeus as CIA head

Taliban Conflict

The Afghan-Pakistan militant nexus

Russian MPs back Start US arms treaty on first reading

Overview of released WikiLeaks US cables by country (175) and creation date

Wikileaks New
WikiLeaks has anounced a move to a Swiss domain:

Syrian Christian leader: Russia “really targeting ISIS,” while U.S. airstrikes are just “window dressing” ...

Paris attacks: Weapons found in 'getaway car'

Germany says stolen Islamic State files 'probably genuine'

America’s New Abnormal “I’m exposing the strange truth about America’s new economic reality. Many will become rich, while others are left behind…” – Nomi Prins, PhD

This "the wealth generated by the monumental inflation of assets their parents bought decades ago" , prices of the houses, apartments and flats are rising in frightening tempo, the devide between the rich 10 percent and poor 90 percent, due to the flawed policies and unproportionality of collecting tax favouring the wealthy (minimal tax) at the expense of the average citizen (higher tax), many other issues which cause a rising divide and ultimately also a danger of fall of democracy...

Alexei Navalny braces for new verdict as Kremlin clamps down...

Forced to wait by the judge, Trump is out of his comfort zone

Is Trump running for president mostly to avoid prison?

Donald Trump pleads not guilty to election charges in latest arraignment

US nuclear secrets and files kept in shower by Donald Trump...

'Assault on democracy was fuelled by lies'



Forced to wait by the judge, Trump is out of his comfort zone

Is Trump running for president mostly to avoid prison?

Scientists release 'survival guide' to avert climate disaster...

'People call us the Ghosts of Bakhmut'

Kakhovka dam on the Dnipro river blown up by Russia...

Is Russia planning to blow up the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant? Stop Russia!

Russia to station nuclear weapons in Belarus...

The Russian ships accused of North Sea sabotage

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he plans to meet China's leader Xi Jinping to discuss Beijing's proposals on ending the war in Ukraine.

One year in 87 seconds on anniversary of invasion by Russia in Ukraine...

Zelensky takes fighter jet bid to EU leaders...

Russia has committed crimes against humanity...

Zelensky says Ukraine needs more time for counter-offensive...

Ukraine's long-term security must be ensured now...

Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ruled out conceding any territory to imperial Russia...

Ukraine is "alive and kicking" and will never surrender, President Volodymyr Zelensky has said, in a defiant address to US lawmakers on his first foreign trip since Russia's invasion.

Zelensky makes his pitch in USA

Volodymyr Zelensky is Time Magazine's 2022 Person of the Year.

Zelensky visited troops near 'most difficult' front line...

Ukraine war: Five ways conflict could go in 2023

Ukraine fighting is deadlocked, spy chief Kyrylo Budanov says

Russia fires dozens of missiles at Ukrainian cities

US Patriot missiles will be delivered to Ukraine

Eighth wave of Russian missile attacks...

Russia targeting the power system in Ukraine...

Ukraine war: 'Long and difficult path' ahead - Zelensky in Kherson

US confirms 'communications' with Kremlin

Russia's uncertain future a product of its past

US charges seven with military technology plot on Russian orders

Russian commanders discussed using nuclear arms in Ukraine, says US

Biden warns Putin not to use tactical nuclear weapons...

Russian activist writes letters from jail

Mass exhumations at Izyum forest graves site, in Ukraine

Ukraine urges Europe not to wobble on war support

Bestialities of Russian military group Wagner

President Biden delivers an address in Warsaw, Poland, in support of Ukraine...

US wants to see a weakened Russia...

President Biden is asking Congress for $33bn (£27bn) in military, economic and humanitarian assistance to support Ukraine "for the next five months"...

#POTUS had in mind that #Russian nation removes #WarCriminalPutin from power. #Russians should also disinfect #Kremlin from bandits there & build a genuine #democracy in #Russia. #Sanctions must stay till then. No more stained red in Russian banner...

The West fights back against Putin the disruptor

Zelensky urges Ukrainians to go on the offensive

Russians on boycotts, sanctions and cancellations


Russian forces invade after Putin TV declaration...

New global climate deal struck in Glasgow, far from good enough... G20 should bear greater responsibility, in cooperation with poor countries...

The Glasgow climate deal is a "game-changing agreement" which sounds "the death knell for coal power", Boris Johnson says. But the goals are far from done...

Havana syndrome: Berlin police probe cases at US embassy

‘Havana syndrome ’ and the mystery of the microwaves

Havana syndrome reported at US embassy in Colombia

Scottish climate expert Jim Skea warns 'clock is ticking'

Carbon emissions from rich countries rose rapidly in 2021

Where we are in seven charts...

COP26: What is the Glasgow climate conference and why is it important...

60 people killed after bomb hits school, Zelensky says

Hard to see a way back to world stage for Putin, says PM BORIS JOHNSON.
There is only one way to normalize relations with Russia in the future and it should be done by the Russian nation: removal of Putin, disinfection of Kremlin from bad guys, bringing upon authentic democracy. Sanctions must be kept permanently till then...

Putin preparing for long haul, US intelligence says...

Belarus accused of state terrorism over migrant crisis

Kabul falls...

USA, EU and NATO made grave mistakes in Afghanistan. First they should have negotiated with the Taliban the peaceful transfer of power, without any bloodshed... And then withdrawal... The opposite was done and entire country is in a monstrous trouble, many people risking their lives...

Coronavirus: Was US money used to fund risky research in China?

Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence

EU wants emergency team for 'nightmare' cyber-attacks

Biden: This will be 'decisive decade' for tackling climate change

Antony Blinken: US tells Russia to cease 'reckless and aggressive actions'

William Burns: Biden nominates veteran diplomat as CIA director

The GRU: Blast puts spotlight on shadowy Russian force

Why Russia's GRU military intelligence service is so feared

The US Congress has certified Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election, hours after supporters of Donald Trump stormed the building in an attack that saw five people die.

There's growing concern among citizens all over the world about climate change...

Prince Charles calls for 'swift' action on climate change

Covid: US death toll passes 200,000

Pentagon , USA

SITE Intelligence Group

US Human Rights Reports

US punishes key Putin allies over worldwide 'malign activity'

Spy poisoning: Putin most likely behind attack - Johnson

Russian Nikolai Glushkov's London death now a murder inquiry

Trump to Kim: My nuclear button is 'bigger and more powerful'

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has said a nuclear launch button is "always on my table"

Trump nominates lawyer Christopher Wray to lead FBI

Rex Tillerson: Trump foreign affairs pick narrowly backed

Trump and Putin make counter-terror top priority in first call

Trump: 'No guarantee' on Russia relations

Gore 'hoping for best' from Trump over climate

Donald Trump says CIA will get 'so much' backing despite his earlier criticism

Nato chief says alliance 'does not want new Cold War', the question is why Russia is not doing business with Eastern Europe and the whole EU ...

Russia's top spin doctor in nuclear warning

Nuclear terrorist attack would 'change our world', says Obama

US election hacking: Putin 'sought to help' Trump

Russian hacking claims: Joe Biden tells Trump to 'grow up'

Russian hacking claims: US spy chief promises Putin motive

Donald Trump blasts 'fools' who oppose good Russian ties

Russia accuses Erdogan of trading oil with IS

Air strikes on IS stronghold of Raqqa 'kill 33 militants

Syria conflict: Number of foreign fighters 'doubled in 16 months'

Europe may be witness to a new political era

Trump worries Nato with 'obsolete' comment

UK military to build prototype 'laser weapon'

US tanks arrive in Germany to help Nato defences, heading for Poland

Al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui has claimed members of the Saudi royal family helped fund the 9/11 attacks ...

Country Reports on Terrorism

Osama Bin Laden: Pentagon releases home videos

Obama unveils new strategy for 'leaner' US military

Obama's far-reaching defence review

New security challenges facing U.S.

Rewards for Justice
Criminals wanted for terrorism

US Secret Service

Migrant crisis: EU backs Turkey action plan

CIA director Brennan orders major overhaul

US presidential debate: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons

Death of Osama bin Laden

Al-Qaeda 'confirms Bin Laden's death'

Mission accomplished? Bin Laden's death is not the end of the US war against al-Qaeda

Syria conflict: UN assembly highlights divisions

Islamic State militants 'smuggled to Europe' ...

General Wesley Clark tells of how Middle East destabilization was planned as far back as 1991



Salman Rushdie's 'defiant sense of humour' remains, son says. He survived assassination attempt

Trump search warrant: FBI took top secret files from Mar-a-Lago

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of using "nuclear blackmail" at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant - Europe's largest.

US Senate passes sweeping climate, tax and healthcare package

America’s New Abnormal “I’m exposing the strange truth about America’s new economic reality. Many will become rich, while others are left behind…” – Nomi Prins, PhD

Ukraine's invisible battle to jam Russian weapons

'People call us the Ghosts of Bakhmut'...

EXPOSING the UFO Secret Space program - Interview with Dr. Michael Salla /anti gravity craft, reverse engineering, anti gravity technology and more/ 

We are not alone !

Aliens and UFOs bring a divided US Congress together

Donald Trump faces further charges in Mar-a-Lago documents inquiry

Climate change: July set to be world's warmest month on record

Climate records tumble, leaving Earth in uncharted territory - scientists

John Kerry in Beijing: Can US and China set aside rivalry for climate action?





Russia executing own retreating soldiers...

Russians likely targeted Khmelnytsky nuclear plant...

Russia goes back to prisons to feed its war machine...

Elon Musk says he withheld Starlink over Crimea to avoid escalation. But... he did allow escalation by Russia, civilians bombed by Russian missiles all over Ukraine. How twisted thinking! Ukraine may not escalate but Russia may do it... 

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin presumed dead after Russia plane crash

How Russia reacted after Prigozhin plane crash

Yevgeny Prigozhin was described by Russia watchers as "a dead man walking".

Wagner defied Putin and now its leader Prigozhin may be dead

Wagner boss Prigozhin's years of living dangerously

Alexei Navalny braces for new verdict as Kremlin clamps down...


Putin may still seek revenge on Wagner boss – CIA chief

Wagner head Prigozhin rejected offer to join Russia's army - Putin. But... everything seems to be a plot, Putin wants to use them for something else...

US nuclear secrets and files kept in shower by Donald Trump...

The 37-count indictment. Former President Donald Trump has been charged with mishandling hundreds of classified documents, including about US nuclear secrets and military plans.

Russia-linked hackers a threat to UK infrastructure...

Fox News settles Dominion defamation case for $787.5m

Jack Teixeira: US airman to appear in court over intelligence leak / Jack Teixeira: What we know about Pentagon leak suspect / Pentagon leak: How secret files on Ukraine spread, then disappeared / Pentagon documents leak a risk to US national security, officials say / US thinks UN chief too accommodating to Moscow, leaked files suggest

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin

US President Joe Biden has welcomed the International Criminal Court's issuing of an arrest warrant against war criminal Putin...

Russia has committed crimes against humanity...

Ukraine's long-term security must be ensured now...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ruled out conceding any territory to imperial Russia...

'Putin's war of conquest is failing' - Biden

Zelensky rules out territory deal with Putin in BBC interview...

Any decision to provide fighter jets had to be a "joint decision"

Zelensky takes fighter jet bid to EU leaders...

US and Germany ready to send tanks to Ukraine

US Air Force unveils new B-21 Raider nuclear stealth bomber

Biden says US will not be intimidated by reckless Putin...

Germany arrests 25 accused of plotting coup & overthrowing the government...

John Simpson: Zelensky strikes all the right notes...

UK, Italy and Japan team up for new fighter jet

World must act now to stop Russia nuclear threat - Zelensky

Belarus, Ukraine, Russia activists win Nobel Peace Prize

US says Iran now Russia's 'top military backer'

'I'd rather go to jail than fight in Ukraine', Russian man says

The Russians locked up for refusing to fight

Ales Bialiatski: Who is the Nobel Peace Prize winner?

US will never recognise Russia's annexation attempts, Biden vows

Russia completes land-grab as Kyiv's territory annexed

Putin raises stakes in speech full of anti-Western bile

US suggests Russia could be behind Nord Stream gas leaks

West condemns Russian plans for 'sham' Ukraine vote

Fact-checking Russian claims that Nato troops are fighting in Ukraine

Russia is using Europe's largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia as a military base, launching attacks against Ukraine. The object should immediately be turned into the United Nations hands & be placed out of warlike actions, immiadiately.

Russia halts US inspections of nuclear arsenal under New START treaty

Strategy for Ukraine: 1. #ArmUkraineNow, 2. integrate Ukraine in #EU, 3. #MarschallPlan for Ukraine, 4. special status #Ukraine - #USA, 5. waterproof #sanctions against Russia.

By the way #Russia have a choice: JUST GO HOME!

The US Senate has approved a sweeping $700bn (£577bn) economic package that includes major legislation on healthcare, tax and climate change.

Biden accuses Russia of 'genocide' in Ukraine

Putin preparing for long haul, US intelligence says... Conclusion: MAXIMIZE sanctions IN ORDER TO SUBSTANTIALLY WEAKEN RUSSIA... No BloodMoney...

Nancy Pelosi in... Ukraine. She pledges US support until 'fight is done...'

Trump accused of attempted coup

A Ukrainian father's terrifying journey to a Russian prison and back...

Apocalypse in Mariupol, save Mariupol, give weapons to Ukraine...

Blood money being paid for Russian oil

Zelensky: 'We are defending the right to live'...

When asked if he thought Mr Putin was "a killer", President Biden said "I do".

Climate change: Biden's first act sets tone for ambitious approach

Bill Gates: Solving Covid easy compared with climate

Alexei Navalny unjustly imprisoned, at risk to be eliminated on orders from the Kremlin...

Trump acquitted in US Senate January 6th riots on the Capital

Trump impeachment: Senate falls short of majority

Capitol riots timeline: The evidence presented against Trump

Trump defence: Insurrection incitement charge a 'monstrous lie'

William Burns: Biden nominates veteran diplomat as CIA director

Alexei Navalny: 'More than 3,000 detained' in protests across Russia

Navalny again imprisoned by the Putin regime in Russia

The 65 days that led to chaos at the Capitol...

QAnon Shaman' Jake Angeli charged over pro-Trump riots

Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump says Western civilisation at stake in Warsaw speech

Paris climate deal: Dismay as Trump signals exit from accord

Rest of world rallies around Paris deal

Modi, the Prime Minister of India vows to go beyond Paris accord

France's Emmanuel Macron: "Make Our Planet Great Again!"

The global reaction

While Trump’s America isolates itself, Europe and China forge new climate partnership

North Korea carries out new ballistic missile test

China invests $124bn in Belt and Road global trade project

Russian hacking aims to destabilise West

IS group to step up attacks on Europe - Europol

Berlin truck attack: Tunisian perpetrator Anis Amri

Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri killed in Milan

Berlin truck killer Amri 'had 14 identities' in Germany

IS destroys part of Palmyra's Roman Theatre

Russia's Putin calls leaked Trump memos 'utter nonsense'

Syria: Clashes reported despite truce, a long way yet ahead to solve the conflict

Syria conflict: US suspends talks with Russia

Russia 'stronger than any aggressor' - Vladimir Putin

Russia-US row: Putin rules out tit-for-tat expulsion of diplomats

Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko given 22-year unjust sentence, she used as scapegoat

Ukraine crisis: Leaders urge implementation of Minsk peace deal in 2016

Russia suspends weapons-grade plutonium deal with US

Ukraine should get weapons from the USA in order to stop Putin's and rebels' further march deeper into Ukraine ...

Donald Trump pledges 'peace through strength'

US election: Trump pledges big US military expansion

Why Donald Trump strikes a chord with Russians

Russia 'considering military bases in Cuba and Vietnam'

Ceta: EU and Canada sign long-delayed free trade deal

Russia and Ukraine should join the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP, to end conflict Russia-Ukraine & move the world to new dimensions, a golden chance for all, now that Trump is the US president.

IS leader Adnani: Russia says its air strike killed him

US says it killed IS strategist Adnani

Brexit has weakened Europe, says Russia's deputy PM

Syria war: Cessation of hostilities comes into effect

Russian plane crash: UK suspects bomb was in hold

Russia plane crash: 'Terror act' downed A321 over Egypt's Sinai

Russia steps up attacks against IS with missile bombardment

Odessa leads Ukraine's battle to reform

New Ukraine clashes 'catastrophic'

Ukraine in $3bn military investment. Ukraine's President announces a major boost in military spending as he says that Ukraine will face a "constant military threat"

Russians continue to deliver heavy weaponry to pro Russian terrorists. It's time Obama and NATO did the same, on behalf of Ukraine. My vision, of course is USA-EU-Ukraine-Russia together in a free market pact all the way from San Francisco all the way to Vladivostok but to achieve this political U-turn needs to be done ...

Ukraine Retrospective ...



Wikileaks founder Julian Assange faces new warrant

Wikileaks US cables: Pakistan rejects nuclear arms fear

US will issue travel warning for Americans in Europe

US links al-Qaeda to recent Europe terror plot - report

IS blamed for mass Yazidi grave found near Sinjar, Iraq

United States Department of Defense

Department of Defence in Facebook

Nato chief reaches out to Russia/Nato/Anders Fogh Rasmussen/Profile: Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Al-Qaeda wants South Asia war, says US secretary Gates

Obama says Bin Laden tape shows al-Qaeda 'weakened'

'Jihad Jane'
A danger white people could become an extended arm of the terrorist cells...

Countering Insurgency and Terrorism Summit

Global Defence Forum

ISIS Leaks / More in CNN

Secret US Embassy Cables, new!

Secret US Embassy Cables new taken down by US DNS provider

Wikileaks reveals US global fears

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has denounced the release of classified diplomatic cables as an "attack on the international community"

Secret US Embassy Cables

Leaks expose US and UK fears over Pakistan nuclear arms

SITE Intelligence Group

US Air Force unveils new B-21 Raider nuclear stealth bomber

The US military is a bigger polluter than more than 100 countries combined

Donald Trump attacks US media at 100-day Pennsylvania rally charging them as fake news...

White House briefing bar: Media groups condemn exclusion

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas 'was KGB agent'

Ukraine crisis: Renewed Kiev assault on protesters

US ambassador in Germany summoned in Merkel mobile row

Top German spy chiefs to go to Washington for talks

US-EU bugging claims: Is it OK for US to spy on allies?

Edward Snowden's chain reaction

Afghanistan's Karzai criticises US troop pullout...

Afghan President's Office

Obama shelves Europe missile plan

Missile Defense Agency, USA

Current news
At Intelligence Resource Program

Hot documents
At Intelligence Resource Program

US Congressional
Material on Intelligence

Congressional Research Service Reports on Intelligence

Intelligence Threat Assessments
US Official Documents
World Intelligence Agencies

Mr Putin said the US overstepped its borders in every way...
Munich Conference on Security Policy
Defining torture in a new world war
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Tony Blair will press the president to make significant moves on...Trade disputes, the Middle East roadmap, and the Kyoto Protocol on climate change

Number 10/No 10 virtual tour/NDA
Defence Intelligence Staff, UK
Ministry of Defence, UK

Kremlin/Russian government


Wells & Drew
Official Supplier of Law Firms

Afghanistan: Taliban leader orders Sharia law punishments that may include public amputations and stoning. The evil is back in Afghanistan...

Pope Francis celebrates Mass in packed Cairo stadium

Foiled Paris attack 'was directed by IS'

Poland News / Russia News


Counter Terrorism, UK

US SPY LEAKS ... John Kerry endorses Barack Obama...
Profile: Barack Obama...
Meet Barack Obama,You Tube

Really Stop Watching Us
Against NSA Survaillance

Smuggled uranium-238 seized in Moldova
(beware of the other smugglers, the terrorists)

Der Spiegel/Daily Telegraph/Die Zeit/El Mundo/El Pais/La Vanguardia/L'Express/Le Figaro/Le Monde/New York Times/Niezawisimaja Gazieta/Observer/The New York Observer/The Guardian/The Independent/Süddeutsche Zeitung/Argumenty i Fakty/Moscow Times/Russia Journal/Interfax/Izvestia/Vyedomosti/
Washington Post/Warsaw Voice

Canadian Prime Minister/Conservative Party/Canadian Parliament

Iranian presidency/FATF

French presidency/French National Assembly/French Senate

Triumph of Terror: Watch Pakistan!

Anti-immigration SVP wins Swiss election in big swing to right

The MI5 spy who saved children from a UK bomb attack

Trump's call for 'termination' of constitution condemned

US appeals court denies Trump 'special master' request in documents case

Trump to Merkel: We were both wiretapped under Obama

Germany to use voice recognition to identify migrant origins

Syrian conflict: US and Russia agree peace moves

US House approves new Benghazi inquiry

EU says distrust of US on spying may harm terror fight

National Security Agency, USA

US Defense Intelligence Agency

US and Poland seal missile deal...

The middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project

European Policy Centre
Centre for European Reform

British Council
Russian government (in Russian)
British embassy, Russia
Russian foreign ministry (in Russian)

American Enterprise Institute

Arms Control Association

White House fact sheet on New Start

European Union: Foreign and Security policy
European Union: Enlargement
European Union: Constitution

Chomsky's Philosophy

Noam Chomsky
- The Crimes of U.S. Presidents

Reporters Without Borders

Nato 'unprepared' for Russia threat, say MPs

Paris attacks: Police search suspects' premises

Paris attacks: France mobilises 115,000 security personnel

Paris Attacks Latest Updates

Obama orders curbs on NSA data us

dates e

Washington 'bugged key EU offices' - German magazine

Russia 'is now a criminal state', says Bill Browder/Russian Ministry of Justice (in Russian)

Elcano think-tank

Putin reveals secrets of Russia's Crimea takeover plot

US intelligence agencies' 'black budget' detailed

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK


Obama orders curbs on NSA data use

Edward Snowden: 'The NSA set fire to the internet. You are the firefighters'

Global mass surveillance conducted by the US and other governments is "setting fire to the future of the internet", Edward Snowden told a packed auditorium of technology innovators via video link in Austin at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. He said: "You guys are all the firefighters, and we need you to help us fix this."

US Senate blocks bill to extend NSA phone data collection

US phone data collection 'illegal'

German BND spy agency 'helped US target France'

Germany spy scandal turns tables on Merkel government

Secret tapes of Sarkozy ruled legal

Council of Europe/Witness

Democrats 'to control US Senate',USA
Rumsfeld exit shakes Bush administration/Profile: Donald Rumsfeld

Munich Conference on Security Policy
International Crisis Group

UN Security Council

National Defence University,USA

Politkovskaya articles (in Russian)

Spanish police (in Spanish)

Climate change: Obama unveils Clean Power Plan ...


IS militant 'Jihadi John' named as Mohammed Emwazi from London ...

Three New York men sought to join Islamic State, FBI says

Russia's next-generation military - in 90 seconds

Vladimir Putin's 15 years in power - in 90 seconds

US to publish CIA 'torture' report


Europol's Press Releases

International Security Assistance Force

Russian 'double agent' named by Moscow newspaper

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 2: 'Civilization Jihad' in America

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 10: What's To Be Done?

Iraq sees worst bombing since invasion with 250 deaths

Bangladesh mourns victims of Dhaka cafe attack

Brexit leaders 'leaving the boat' - EU Commission boss Juncker

Change the World, NSA

France foreign ministry

Two-state solution not only option, US says

Trump executive order prompts Google to recall staff

Migrant crisis: EU-Turkey deal comes into effect

Brussels raids: Paris attack suspect Abdeslam arrested

Paris attacks: The Belgian connection

Migrant crisis: Thousands stranded in Greece as borders tighten

German MPs recognise Armenian 'genocide' amid Turkish fury

Iran’s Black Market Nuclear Warheads Are an Open Secret

Islamic State militants pose 'biggest threat' to US. US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel says IS "clearly poses a long-term threat''

Outragous Islamist crime. Charlie Hebdo: Major manhunt for Paris gunmen ...

Charlie Hebdo massacre: Arrests as France hunts gunmen. French police released photos of the Kouachi brothers - Cherif and Said, suspects in the massacre ...

What should be done internationally is pressuring for change. The problem is jihadists and Islamism are ideologic and political problem of the present world of apocalyptic proportions. The world must deal with Islamism as it was done against communism. All Islamic countries should separate Islam from politics and adopt secular democracies and Bills of Rights in order to safeguard human rights ......................

Police storm two hostage sites, police say the suspects, brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, have been killed.

Charlie Hebdo attacks: Vast Paris rally for France unity. More than 40 world leaders joined the start of the march, linking arms in an act of solidarity

' I am Charlie, we all are Charlie '

Islamic State 'training pilots to fly fighter jets'

Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

Climate impacts report: Key findings

Crucial documents on Rapid Global Warming from IPCC ...

Climate impacts 'overwhelming' ...

EU parliament set to vote on net neutrality rules

Pakistan Government/Khan Research Laboratories/IAEA/Federation of American Scientists - Pakistan nuclear background

President Bush has named the former head of the CIA, Robert Gates as the new defence secretary...
Gates Biography: Texas A&M
PBS Interview: Robert Gates on 9/11 Commission
Walsh Report: Independent Counsel investigation of Robert Gates
Gates on history of Cold War

America's Day of Terror
Who is Osama Bin Laden?
Who's who in al-Qaeda
Major attacks blamed on al-Qaeda


Black market bombs...
The scientist who confessed

Isaf peacekeeping mission

Indian army website

Sanctions against Russia 'Largely symbolic' ....

Is Obama's response wise ? Allowing Putin to do whatever he wants, allowing Adolf Hitler alike pattern ? There is urgent need of NATO assistance to Ukraine right now. Putin needs to be contained ...
Bring to life Ukrainian Rapid Action Commandoes Units which should be trained by NATO force, teach them rapid action movements and rapid action military strikes at sensitive areas of Russian aggressors, don't back down.

Russia unveils its first stealth fighter jet

A female suicide bomber has killed at least 40 people...

Vladimir Putin 'ordered killing', Litvinenko inquiry hears

Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour killed, Afghans confirm

The self-proclaimed kingdom that doesn't recognise Germany..

So... even in a #democracy as is Germany anything is possible as the uncover of the plot shows it, or earlier in the #USA the attack on the Capital... Shocking facts and realities, indeed.

Sorry, but we have only ONE planet...

Islamic State committed genocide, says USA

A human being in China = nul, see video portraying a Tibetian being shot.. Political Action
Chatham House

Climate Crisis
An Inconvenient Truth

German triple agent Markus Reichel given eight years in jail

Cologne attackers were of migrant origin

Cologne attacks: New Year's Eve crime cases top 500

Cologne attacks: Merkel proposes tougher migrant laws


Paris and Brussels bombers' links uncovered

US to increase military presence in eastern Europe

IS Caliphate, a retrospective

FBI-Apple case: Investigators break into dead San Bernardino gunman's iPhone

FBI agrees to unlock another iPhone in homicide case

Cambridge spies: Defection of 'drunken' agents shook US confidence

Hillary Clinton endures marathon grilling on Benghazi attack Politics on Video
Google Video

US and Russia 'near' new nuclear arms treaty

IPCC report [2.2MB]
Humans blamed for climate change

Russia makes renewed bid for contentious Arctic regions

US military failed Americans in Benghazi

Gore's beard and Obama's poetry

Program on International Policy Attitudes

Iranian presidency/Israeli foreign ministry/YNet

Iran crisis

US Transportation Security Administration

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

Center for Security Policy

Senator Kerry took a swipe at what he called "influence peddlers, the polluters... the Big Oil and the special interests", repeating his warning to President Bush from Iowa: "We're coming, you're going, and don't let the door hit you on the way out."...


Paul Pelosi attack suspect 'was on suicide mission'


Kurd leader attacks Turkey's 'safe zone' plan for Syria

Department of Homeland Security

Committee on Homeland Security

Senate Homeland Security Committee, USA

Face the candidates for US President
 in You Tube..
/CNN Video

US Central Command

Tape 'probably Bin Laden' - CIA
Al-Jazeera airs purported bin 
Laden tape

US Department of Homeland Security

Migration Policy Institute, USA

Pew Hispanic Center, USA

CIA chief George Tenet quits
US Air Force/GCHQ

French presidency (In French)

Isaf/Afghan government

Denmark's intelligence agency (Pet)

US House passes bill on NSA bulk data sweep

US surveillance leak source revealed
A former technical worker for the CIA is revealed as the source of a series of leaks about US phone and internet surveillance. Edward Snowden was NSA Prism leak source ...

Profile: Edward Snowden

NSA chief says data disrupted 'dozens' of plots

US whistleblower Edward Snowden 'will fight extradition'

What does Prism tell us about privacy protection?

Snowden leaks: NSA 'hacked Google and Yahoo data links'

Germany's Merkel sends intelligence delegation to US

Edward Snowden: Congress and White House reject clemency

US spy leaks

US spy leaks: How intelligence is gathered

National Security Research Division, USA

Free Disaster Recovery Training for Volunteers

CRI Counterterrorism & Crime Training School

Major news agencies worldwide:
News.Google | News Now | News Search Portal | Interfax | Associated Press | Reuters | AOL News | Xinhua | United Press International | Ukrainian News Agency | Novosti | PAP | DPA | Agence France Presse | Agencia EFE | APN | ANSA | EP | IRNA | Reuters France | Palestine News Agency | ANN

Mullah Omar: Taliban leader 'died in Pakistan in 2013'

Russia 'lost 220 troops' in Ukraine - Nemtsov report

The 64-page Nemtsov report in Russian

Litvinenko inquiry: Russian state 'wished him dead'

US hacking: Military and intelligence data 'accessed'

Erdogan uses force against Kurds in order to regain a full power

Netanyahu tells Steve Forbes the prospect for “worst kind of war” with Iran is growing because of nuclear deal.

All Moderate Muslims Are Extremists - Islamic Leader Fahad Qureshi Questions Group

Ministry of Defence, UK

Interpol to take broader role in fighting terror
Is US winning its war on terror?
The Great Spy Shortage

Excerpts: Declassified US terror report

Danish Security Intelligence Service

BBC Burmese service

Terrorism Background and Threat Assessments


International Criminal Court


Global map of nuclear arsenals

Libya trial: Gaddafi son sentenced to death over war crimes

Indian navy

US Senate Armed Services Committee Report

United States Senate Armed Services Committee

Intelligence News
How U.S. opposition to 
international court 
jeopardizes U.S. troops

The US House of Representatives has voted to hike the reward for information leading to the capture of Usama bin Ladin to $50 million.

US President/US Treasury

Video and Audio, BBC


The American Soldier
Person of the year 2003

Blackwater USA/US Air Force/Army Times

UK set for military space launch...

Polish foreign ministry

White House/Iranian Presidency
National Intelligence Estimate

Spanish government/Italian government/Ukraine Foreign Affairs Ministry

Centre for European Reform/Global Vision/First draft of Reform Treaty (in French)

Migrant crisis: Influx will change Germany, says Merkel


Q&A: CIA leak row

Bush backs CIA leak probe

MI6 boss to stand down

Profile: Sir Richard Dearlove
Sir Richard Dearlove became the second MI6 chief to be...
Coalition Provisional Authority - Iraq

The Global Impact of Terrorism
: An International Conference
at the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

Australian Federal Police

German government
US state department/ATF

Schengen agreement/Mexican president's office (in Spanish)/
US Customs Border Protection

intelligence services experts

EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana


Missile Defense Agency, usa

US Department of Defense

Indian government

Iran Solidarity

Stopping the Plague of Political Islam by Jahanshah Rashidian

Our Iranian Identity By Jahanshah Rashidian

United Front against Islamic Regime by Jahanshah Rashidian

I have a dream, Tony...
(a conversation between two westerners about Islamisation in Europe)

West being 'out-manoeuvred' by Islamic extremism, Tony Blair warns

What should happen to Saddam now?
US gives Saddam enemy POW status

Terrorism and WMD

Terrorism Research Center

Belgian federal interior ministry
US Department of Defense

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Facebook

CIA in Facebook

2009 Human Rights Report: Pakistan

2009 Human Rights Report: Afghanistan

2009 Human Rights Report: Iran

German Interior Ministry (in English)

Afghan President's Office

Isaf (Nato in Afghanistan)

A research institute and think tank dedicated to developing innovative public policy solutions to international terrorism

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) 
Dedicated to providing world leaders with strategic insights on — and policy solutions to — current and emerging global issues.


Interpol hunts 
stolen Iraqi art

Bad news that Blair can't bury

U.S. intelligence must get smarter

CSIS Experts on the Campaign 
Against Terrorism

Man sentenced 
in NATO plot

Suspects linked to bin Laden, Iraq

Saudi student indicted
for terror

Patterns of Global Terrorism

International Security Assistance Force - Isaf

La Repubblica, Italy

A religion is at war with us!...

Visor could reduce head injuries caused by explosions

U.S.-UK Relationship

The Obama Administration's European Agenda

Belgian justice ministry (Dutch, French, German)

Belgian police arrest 10 in 'Islamist terror plot'

New Zealand government

Secret US Embassy Cables

The High Commission for Pakistan in the UK

US announces new tank and artillery deployment in Europe

The World's 10 Richest Terrorist Organizations

BBC In Depth Reports
such as:
Investigating al-Qaeda/The Aids 
/Exploring Mars/Islam and
 the West
/and many more....

Israel Kills 4 Palestinians In Gaza, Razes More Homes
Meanwhile, Palestinian resistance fighters shot dead on Friday a Palestinian collaborator with Israel before hundreds of onlookers...

American beheaded in grisly denouement to Saudi hostage drama

Report goes to heart 
of war doubts
Analysis: Blair's uphill struggle

Remarks by
Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet
to Employees of the
Central Intelligence Agency
and the
US Intelligence Community ...

Airline Terror Plot Foiled...
Police: Plot to blow up aircraft foiled
UK on highest alert as airliner bomb plot foiled.../U.K.: Plot to bomb U.S.-bound planes foiled.../UK Defence Ministry

Office of National Intelligence Director

Atlantic Council/Nato/Simon Wiesenthal Center

Ukraine 'in uranium pledge' at US nuclear summit


LHC closes in on massive particle

Dark matter hunt eyes deeper home

Polish foreign ministry

Russian foreign ministry

How vulnerable is Europe to Paris-style attacks?

Family Safety Guide: Coping with Terrorist Attacks

Full Coverage: 
Osama Bin Laden
In Yahoo! News

Bin Laden shifts tactics, offers European countries truce
But US remains a fair targe

President Romano Prodi said there 
would be no negotiating under 
a "terrorist threat."
CIA Says Bin Laden Tape 'Likely' Authentic

Injustices fuel Chechnya's fires

Marc Dutroux,Michel Fourniret
 and other paedophiles and child killers

German president's office/SPD/CDU

Gallup Poll
Pakistan government
French foreign affairs ministry
Russian defence ministry (in Russian)
Russian Government
BBCi Chechen conflict
Guide to religions

See map of US missile defence bases

European Commission

French presidency (in French)

Beijing government website, China

Mexico 'to give up weapons-grade uranium, it's getting out of hand...

Afghan strategy remains despite sacking, says Nato/The White House/Isaf/The Rolling Stone Magazine/Office of the Afghan president

Putin says spies expelled from US had 'tough lives'



Winning The Battle, Losing The War
Tony Blair testifies at the Hutton Inquiry...

Kerry on attack 
over national security

Kerry: Bush fails as commander in chief

Kerry: Bush told 'stories' 
about Iraqi prewar threat

FSB/Russian government
Russian defence ministry

Muslim Public Affairs Council
Council on American-Islamic Relations/Center for Strategic and International Studies/US Army Japan

US Department of Homeland Security/US treasury department

Deadly missile strike in Pakistan...

Nuclear Security Summit


Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele in hiding after Trump dossier

Trump claims intelligence chief denounced 'false' dossier

Trump press event: A theatre of the absurd

Trump condemns spy agency 'leak' of 'fake news'

Here's what Donald Trump had to say at his press conference

Trump Russia ties: How did reports of 'compromising' information emerge?

Trump pick Tillerson: 'Fair assumption' Putin behind hacks

Ukraine power cut 'was cyber-attack'

Migrant crisis: Germany sees massive drop in asylum seekers

Hillary Clinton email row: FBI releases inquiry files

Clashes at Germany's Heidenau asylum centre alarm government

Syria: Has President Assad won the war?

Apple boss Tim Cook hits back at FBI investigation

Swiss voters 'reject' plan to expel foreigners for minor crimes

Ecological vehicles and technologies
MDI Enterprises
...within a year... a car that runs on compressed air!!

South Asia Terrorism Portal

War On Terrorism Leaves South Asia in Turmoil

 German Military Laser...

Norwegian Police Security Service (PST)

Pew Center on the States

French defence to counter terror...

UK Border Agency

Syrian Alawites distance themselves from Assad

Unity call as Pope Francis holds historic talks with Russian Orthodox Patriarch

Joint Declarationof Pope Francisand Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

Cologne attacks: Pegida and police clash at migrant protest

Turkey 'backsliding' in bid to join EU, says Commission

Trump beats Clinton to take White House

US Election 2016: Markets meltdown fails to materialise

Middle East awaits Trump policy decisions

Republicans retain House and Senate

Trump wins US election: How world leaders have reacted

Hillary Clinton and the US election: What went wrong for her?

Chelsea Manning decision: Obama says justice was served


Nato troops begin huge military exercise in Poland

Frenchman 'planned attacks during Euro 2016' - Ukraine's SBU

Palmyra: 'Mass grave' in recaptured Syrian city

The results of political correctness so far,
Brussels terror alert based on fears of 'Paris-style attack' ...

Paris attacks: UN backs 'all necessary measures' against IS

Syria crisis: Massive Russian air strikes on 'IS targets'

Donald Trump 'not opposed to Muslim database' in US

Paris attacks: 'Ringleader' Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed in raid

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations

Iraqi-Kurdish leader says Paris attacks a 'wake-up call'

France train shooting: Hollande awards Legion d'honneur

Destruction of Palmyra's Baalshamin temple 'a war crime'

Iran nuclear talks: 'Historic' agreement struck

Explore the World Trade Center site

World Trade Center sitet: the architects' vision

International Terrorism in South Asia

Australia on terrorism in South Asia

Terrorism Research Center

Al Qaeda in South Asia

 US 'spied on French presidents' - Wikileaks

France summons US envoy
over Wikileaks claims

Swedish Security Service (Saepo)

Council of Europe (PACE)

Israeli Foreign Ministry/Palestinian Negotiations Affairs

Islamist Extremism & Terrorism in South Asia


Terrorism Project Research

London bomber given 'Pakistan advice'

Moqtada Sadr, anti-US cleric, returns to Iraq from Iran

Civilian plane belonging to Malaysian Airlines shot down in eastern Ukraine by rebels. 298 passangers dead, 154 of whom are Dutch, many other nationalities ...
Recreation electronics

Mars probe makes 'ice discovery'

Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear co-operation France - United Kingdom

Asean - Association of South East Asian Nations

Afghan war 'winnable without Pakistan help'

Freedom Tower brings optimism after 9/11


Orwell's 1984 might be now...

Could Trump's 'Space Force' become a reality?


COP 21: 2015 likely to be warmest on record, says UN weather body

Syrian war: Russia and opposition allege truce breaches

Egypt's Sisi accepts Sinai jet crash was 'terrorism'

Life under IS 'really hard', rescued Swedish girl says

MH17 Ukraine disaster: Report names suspected Russian soldiers

Investigation crash MH17, 17 July 2014 Donetsk

MH17 - Potential Suspects and Witnesses from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile BrigadeA bellngcat Investigation

MH17 report: Five key findings from the Dutch Safety Board

West faces up to Putin aggression

Migrant crisis: Asylum seekers in EU 'doubled in 2015'

Why we should have seen Trump coming

The Kremlin/The White House
Russia in Global Affairs (magazine)
Arms Control Association
Viewpoint: Russia's missile fears...
Putin repeats threat on missiles.../FSB (in Russian)

Moscow city council

Russia 'expels US embassy staff'...
Khodorkovsky Statement

Russian prime minister's website

Russia plans $650bn defence spend up to 2020

Russian defence ministry

Moscow police (in Russian)

Russia 'deploys missiles' in breakaway region of Abkhazia

Paris and Brussels bombers' links uncovered

IS in Europe: The race to the death

Brussels attacks: Two brothers behind Belgium bombings

Trump and the nuclear codes
... and Putin?

June 2008 offer to Iran/2006 offer to Iran/IAEA Iran file/National Intelligence Estimate Nov 2007/Security Council resolution 1803 [March 2008]/Security Council resolution 1747 (March 2007)/Security Council resolution 1737 (December 2006)/Security Council resolution 1696 (July 2006)/Article 41, Chapter VII, UN Charter/US sanctions October 2007/Iranian presidency/Nuclear non-proliferation treaty/Inside Iran - special report

Wikileaks: Iraq war logs 'reveal truth about conflict'


Wikileaks Iraq War Diaries

Iraq Body Count

US announces $2bn military aid package for Pakistan

Europe wonders why CIA chief quit

Tenet Resignation Rocks Washington

X-37B US miltary spaceplane returns to Earth/ Darpa/ Nasa/ USAF Rapid Capabilities Office/ U.S. Air Force/ United Launch Alliance

Observatoire international des prisons


CIA interrogations report sparks prosecution calls

Islamic State commander Omar Shishani targeted in US strike in Syria


NSA spying allegations: Are US allies really shocked? ...

Spain demands US explain 'monitoring'

'US spied on Merkel since 2002'

Germany hopes for details from Snowden on US spying

US spy leaks: How intelligence is gathered

Trump: What does the US do for the Nato alliance in Europe?


...catastrophic climate change...

The 11th Hour: Turn Mankind's Darkest Hour into its Finest...


British spies 'moved after Snowden files read'

Obama: All options open on Iraq
President Obama says his government is looking at "all options" to help fight Islamist militants in Iraq, including military action.

Thousands of Shia militia loyal to the powerful cleric Moqtada al-Sadr mobilize themselves against ISIS

John Kerry in Baghdad as Isis seizes more towns

South African police

National Prosecuting Authority, South Africa

Dead UK Scientist Had 
No History of Depression

Russian journalist attacks state of television news

French interior ministry (in French)
Country profile: France

Kazakhstan Newsline


New Zealand police


Israeli foreign ministry
UN Security Council

US Department of Defence
US Navy Seals/The White House

10 Downing Street/Home Office/MI5
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FBI's list of most wanted terrorists

Nuclear Weapons
Government Secrecy
Terror threat remains global

Inside Iran - special report

China government/Chinese foreign ministry/Iranian presidentPakistani government/Afghan government/Belarus foreign ministry/Afghan government/Prime Minister of India/
President of Pakistan/Pakistan's Taleban's backyard.../Army's tribal quagmire

Israel’s Secret Agencies
President's office, France
Osama bin Laden

Foreign Office, UK

The Holy See

US embassy in Kabul

In pictures: Life-saving stoves in Congo

'Al-Qaeda-link' Cern worker held

Iranian TV released a video affiliated to Iranian deffected nuclear scientist/Shahram Amiri

National Disaster Management Authority, Pakistan / Pakistan government

Israel Defense Forces

Israeli Committee Against Torture

Afghanistan in Wikileaks

Barack Obama in Wikileaks

Political prisoners in Iran

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Save Mohammad Reza Haddadi from Execution

Kayhan (in Persian)

Presidency of Iran

Green movement, Iran

Radical Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair

Iranian president's office

Task Force for Business & Stability Operations

Multiple Reports of Secret Group Executions in Vakilabad Prison, Iran

S-300 manufacturer's site (in Russian)

UK Border Agency

Home Affairs Committee, UK

It's Not A Cease Fire But A Global Arms Build Up

The Truth About the Syria Ceasefire

We Are Change / AMTV

Fighters From Turkey Are Pouring Into Syria And Attacking Targets Despite The Ceasefire

Russians going nuts: Putin aide calls Ukraine head 'Nazi'

'New strategy needed' for rehabilitating IS child soldiers

Germany expels CIA official in US spy row

Iraq crisis: Yazidi villagers 'massacred' by IS. Militants in northern Iraq have massacred at least 80 men from the Yazidi faith in a village and abducted women and children, reports say ...

Info: who are Yazidis
Info: The Rise of the Islamic State

Dirty Game: Palestinians versus Israel

NY axe attack: Islamist link probed

Paris attacks: 'Suicide bomb belt' dumped on street

US issues worldwide travel alert over terror threats

UN resolution on IS 'extraordinary step'

Russia 'blocks Estonia' over captive border security man

Donald Trump: 21 things the Republican believes


Government of the Czech Republic

Edward Snowden 'applies for asylum in Russia'

Hollande: Bugging allegations threaten EU-US trade pact

Kerry: Spying 'not unusual' in international relations

Russia's Putin tells Snowden to stop US secrets leak

Fugitive Snowden arrives in Moscow

South Africa government

South African parliament

FBI 'may be able to unlock
San Bernardino iPhone'

French church attack: Faith leaders
call for more security



Where's Bin Laden?


No 10 overruled defence chiefs
 in leaking Kelly's name to Press


National Intelligence Centre (CNI)

Video and Audio,BBC

UN warning over global ice loss...

National Security Archive,USA

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission
One Day in Afghanistan
Combined Forces Command
US Embassy in India
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Center for Strategic and International Studies

International Narcotics Control Board
UN Office on Drugs and Crime
Bush compares Bin Laden to Hitler

Special Reports/Country Profiles

Inside Iran - special report

Secret Intelligence Service MI6

Terrorism & political risk

Czech defence ministry
Polish defence ministry

Defence lab reveals ultimate CCTV

Ahmed Rashid: Why the US needs Mullah Omar alive

Inside the world trade center documentary

Inside the Twin Towers

9/11 : The Falling Man

Disturbing about 9/11

Homein USA

Senior al-Qaeda leader 'killed' in Afghanistan

British Taliban fighter is cabbie in London 9 months a year and kills NATO soldiers the other 3...he Radical Muslims are so brazen now they are admitting in public they have taken over London and much of Europe using “Political Correctness.” A Taliban fighter in Dhani-Ghorri in northern Afghanistan last month tells the Guardian he works as a Cabbie 9 months a year in London while he kills NATO forces the other 3 months. Are you kidding me? “There are many people like me in London,” he added. “We collect money for the jihad all year and come and fight if we can.” Europe is in serious trouble and the United States is not far behind because of the broad term “Political Correctness.”...

Crimesider, CBS

US Department of Justice


Isaf, Afghanistan

Atlas Shrugs

Islam in Europa

International Free Press Society

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

House Oversight Committee, USA

The United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York

Afghanistan war leak papers will take 'weeks to assess'/ Wikileaks War Diary/ Isaf

Muslim Brotherhood in North America

Muslim Brotherhood

BOOKS/ Poetry: Magnum Opus/Heartbeat/Adventures of Poe the Cat/Adventures of Poe the Cat II/ Quo Vadis/ABRACADABRA/Hello!/Wings of Love/Catharsis/Rebel Heart/Dzwony Atlantydy/Dreamland/ Rebel Lovers/ War and Peace/Heartland/Love Story/To Liberty!/Szklana Kurtyna, tom 1: Ucieczka/Szklana Kurtyna, tom 2: Strategia Beehive/ Boski Chór//New York, My New York City/ Divine Choir/ Symfonia 1/ Symfonia 2/ Orpheida/ Divine Choir 3/ Quo Vadis II/ Orfeida/ Orfeida2/ NUVONALIS/ NUVONALIS 2/ Nuvonalis 3 4 5 6 7 8/ Eneidrion/ Labirynt/ Zemsta Archaniola/ PALAC KROLOW/ SAGA ATENEA/ Milosc i Wiecznosc/ WONDERLAND/ PERSJA W SZACIE WIECZNOSCI/ Kochankowie Wiecznosci/ NYC Forever!/ Szkatulka Beatrycze/ NYC Romance


Anti-Terrorism and the Arms Trade/
Information Security/Strategy and Weaponry/Technology for Training Against TerrorTerrorism and WMD

Background Checks by Accurate Information Systems

Belarus foreign ministry - Alliance for Kurdish Rights

German Foreign Ministry

Brazilian Presidency

Queensland Police, Australia

Council Special Reports (CSRs)
 are concise policy briefs, which provide timely responses to developing crises...

Europe's anti-terror capacity...

Aipac/Israeli defence forces

Nepalese government
Prime Minister of India

Preventing Catastrophic Nuclear Terrorism

UN Human Rights Council
Afghan government
Coalition Task Force, Afghanistan
President's radio address
Police & Law Enforcement, USA
The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute of Forensic Science (ACFEI)
Bush admits to CIA secret prisons

United Nations General Assembly

Pakistan government
Supreme Court of Pakistan
PML-N/Pakistan People's Party

Russian government
Russian ministry of defence (in Russian)
Russian foreign ministry
Russia tests long-range missile...
Russia blames US in missile row...
KGB old boys tightening grip on Russia/ RESURGENT RUSSIA

President of Russia/The Kremlin
Nato condemns Putin missile vow...
Putin offers joint missile shield...
New era of discord for Russia and West...
The politics of Russia's spy game...
Russian ministry of defence (in Russian)/Moscow police (in Russian)/Russian Defence Ministry (in Russian)/US Department of Defense
/State Duma (in Russian)

IAEA Iran file


German Chancellor

European Commission

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Moscow Helsinki Group

Spies swapped in Vienna are flown to Russia and the US

US and Russia in Vienna spy swap

Russia rejects US allegations of spying as baseless...

Profile: Russia's SVR intelligence agency

Russia launches satellite for global navigation system

Curfew in Bangkok after surrender of red-shirt leaders/Thai protesters defy government orders...

Tibetan government in exile

Government of Pakistan

Reporters Without Borders

Intelligence agency, Wikipedia

UN Register of Conventional Arms

Country Profiles

Video 'shows US man beheaded'

India's Media:
Press Trust of India/ All India Radio/ Doordarshan Television, India/ Deccan Herald/The Hindu/The Hindustan Times/The Pioneer/The Indian Express/The Statesman/The Times of India/The Asian Age/India Today/Outlook/Zee TV/STAR TV/Sony Entertainment TV/Aaj Tak/ New Delhi TV (NDTV)/Sun Network/Radio Mirchi/Radio City/Red FM/Prime Minister's Office/President/Parliament/InfoChange-development issues

Cuban government (in Spanish)

Chinese government

Indian government

Pakistan government

Pope Benedict urges Mid-East sides to reach peace

Vatican- the Holy See

PLO Negotiations Affairs Department

Israeli Prime Minister's Office

Belarussian justice ministry (in Russian)

Chinese Foreign Ministry

New Zealand government

Australian Prime Minister

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

UK: Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws

Big Brother Watch

Ministry of Defence, UK

Become a nuclear superpower... in ten steps (BBC)

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